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These Unity Cards will help you create win-win engagements and find the right fit.

Too often there is a misalignment between clients and creatives which leaves both parties unsatisfied. This shouldn’t be the norm. And now, it won’t be. Use the 12 cards to engage clients in a fun and productive conversation that leads to more successful projects and greater profits.

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How Unity Cards Work
Step 1

Schedule an alignment session with your client.

Step 2

Use each pair to start a conversation about how you work together.

Step 3

Ask the client to pick which card they identify with the most.

Step 4

Use the answers to align expectations and provide clarity.

Step 5

Get started toward success.

Start right, finish strong

  • Communicate effectively instead of talking past each other
  • Identify the highest priorities and align expectations
  • Define goals and agree on what success looks like
  • Learn key budget, scope, and timeline factors
  • Walk in their shoes and develop more empathy

Build solid relationships

We’ve been on your side of the table for over 20 years and met with hundreds, if not thousands of clients. One thing we’ve learned is that your level of success will be in direct proportion to the strength of your relationships. So we developed these easy-to-use Unity Cards so you can build stronger relationships fast — ensuring the right “fit” and more rewarding and profitable work.
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