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System Requirements
Requires Adobe CS4+Acrobat ReaderMicrosoft Word

Included Files
TrueType (TTF) Font FilesPDF documents for referenceWord DocsInDesign DocsText Files

Adding Fonts to Your System
For Mac: Double-click the font file. Font Book will open. To install the font, click the “Install Font” button that appears below the Font Book preview. To learn more click here.

For PC: Double-click on the font file and click “Install”. To learn more click here.

Refund Policy
Because the products that we offer are digital, we do not offer refunds. Please consider the following before deciding on your purchase:

  1. You (or your client) have the software required to view or use the product.You have sufficient expertise to use the product.
  2. Your internet connection is fast enough, and capable of handling downloading files of this size.

Technical Support
If there is a technical problem with the product you have downloaded, we will do our best to help resolve the issue. Please contact us at info@makeitsmpl.com for technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I customize the templates to resell? No, the content included in your purchase is copyrighted and cannot be resold or used in any way that is in direct competition with the item(s) you have purchased. Are the contracts legally binding?The contracts included in our bundles are used on a daily basis by an award-winning design firm with over a decade of experience, but we are not lawyers and recommend that you seek legal counsel if you are concerned about the language used in our contracts.