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Smpl. Analytics Recommendations

If you’ve begun using our Web Project Checklist (part of our Mega Pack) you’re keeping track of all the steps it takes to create a well-built website. But there is one step you shouldn’t skip–analytics. Simply checking a website’s Google analytics before you start a redesign can help you make design choices that will lead to a more successful site. You don’t need to have an analytics degree to understand the simple metrics Google provides because Google will teach you everything you need to know for free. Secondly, learning to track the performance of a website will provide regular income since you can provide your client with quarterly results reports for an extra fee. These reports can help inform decisions to make tweaks to improve the performance of the site over time (more income.) So, it’s worth it to include this service in your Creative Plan. Below are a few we recommend, but as you get more experienced in tracking analytics you can add more to your list of services.

Behavioral Analytics: 

  • Hotjar - This handy tool uses heatmapping to show you what users want, care about and interact with by visually representing where they click, tap and scroll. 
  • Crazy Egg - This service also uses heatmapping but also offers recordings and A/B testing. 
  • Kiss Metrics - This service helps to drive user engagement and increase conversions and offers email campaign automation.

Conversion Optimization: 

  • Mixpanel - Optimized for mobile device users, this service will provide precise information about the user journey. It also offers A/B testing and unique tools to help answer your product questions. 
  • Optimizely - Love to experiment? Then this is the tool for you. From design choices to algorithms, use this tool to improve user experience.

Customer conversion: 

  • GoSquared - OK, this isn’t exactly analytics but it’s another great tool to recommend to clients to help them engage with users and turn them from visitors into customers.

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