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Smpl. is a service built to enhance the professionalism of freelancers and small graphic design shops.

We provide quality tools such as proposal templates, service agreements and project checklists in plain English that you can use yourself and present to a client or fellow employee with confidence.

Who is Smpl. for?

If you’ve landed a freelance design project and wonder what to do next, this is for you.

If you’ve ever not been paid by a dishonest client, this is for you.

If you’ve had a debate with a client over file ownership, this is for you.

If you’re a design student wishing that business was taught in the classroom, this is most certainly for you.

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All of the tools in each bundle are those we use ourselves in our daily work. They have been tested and improved over the course of hundreds of projects for more than a decade.

All templates are provided as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign and PDF files and are ready to use as soon as you personalize them. We also provide support information to answer any questions you may have.

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Package 1

Essential Contracts

Our Essential Contracts Bundle allows you to launch your projects quickly, while clarifying the terms of your client relationship. All content is included, simply add your branding and project details to get started.

Package 2

Essential Contracts 2

Our Essential Contracts 2 Bundle is a great addition to our first bundle. Our second bundle includes proposals that are written for longer-term, phased projects and a retainer agreement for services contracted over a period of time.

Package 3

Mega Pack

Our Mega Pack Work Flow Bundle takes the guess work out of project management, offering resources for every step of the way. All content is included, simply add your branding and project details to get started.

Product 1

Unity Cards

Our Unity Cards help you create win-win engagements and find the right fit. Use the set of 12 cards to engage clients in a fun and productive conversation that leads to more successful projects and greater profits.

Why creatives love Smpl.

“I’m always curious about new tools, processes and ways I can improve my business. Smpl. gives me the opportunities to have clarity with a client at the outset of a project.”

– David Horne, Honestly

“Working with tools from Smpl. has allowed me to put processes in place that allow me to focus more on helping deliver the best work I can for my clients.”

– Andy Kurtts, Buttermilk Creative

“For my illustration business, Smpl. has provided me with tools to easily communicate and confirm the scope of projects. No more guesswork!”


“Smpl. is a very easy-to-use product to help jumpstart your design service paperwork. It supplies all of the formatting needed to get started with easy-to-follow cues to customize your specific project info. Whether you're looking to create a proposal or project agreement, Smpl. will help tremendously.”


Having a knowledge transfer process in place boosts the chance of a project success by over 20%

Our Resources

Our Resources

Smpl. was created by creatives for creatives. Since we’re all in this together, we want to share resources we feel are valuable to allow you to be the best business person (and creative person!) you can. We’re going to be sharing business tips, books we like and sources of inspiration to help make the magic happen. Stay tuned.

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